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Quantum Physics and Futuristic Readings

I have been looking for a concept/word to describe what we are actually looking at in a reading and the theory of “weak measurement” fits nicely with what I believe it is. By using the word “weak” I do not mean very unlikely to come about, but that we are just taking a weak glimpse at it, not seeing it as a certainty and seeing it as concrete. We are not collapsing the wave function. Why ? We still want to look at the other possibilities that are unfolding and do not to exclude them as potentials.

The theory of weak measurement – first proposed and developed by Aharonov and his group in 1988 – dictates that it is possible to “gently” or “weakly” measure a quantum system and to gain some information about one property (say, position) without appreciably disturbing the complementary property (momentum) and therefore the future evolution of the system. Though the amount of information obtained for each measurement is tiny, an average of multiple measurements gives an accurate estimation of the measurement of the property without distorting its final value.

Each weak measurement can tell you something about the probabilities of different states  without actually collapsing the particles into definite states, as would happen with a strong measurement.

There is so much to think about here. If the past affects future, then the present may be defined as participating action that we take to nudge into being a desired interface between past and future.

Who or What chooses what becomes fixed (albeit temporarily as we are creating every minute of our lives) WE do WITH nature. We are nature too .We so often forget that. We are a part of nature. We are not outside of nature even when we are observing or studying it. We are part of it. The classical model of physics, i.e fixed causes lead to fixed outcomes/effects is one of the attempts of us to undestand how nature/us come to be and emerge. Nature chooses and we choose because we are one and the same. Readings and anything of a spiritual futuristic inquiry should be approached in a spirit of exploration of all possibilities.




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