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My Theory of What Readings Are and How They May Help You


When people come for readings they are looking for concrete information about what is approaching them on the horizon as though they are an image of themself to be painted on the canvas of their fixed future. This why they want exact descriptions of people and dates as though the whole world solidifies at some point to fit them in at an exact time and exact place.

Look at the world around you. Watch the news or read the papers. There are so many people and so many variables affecting everything in the cosmos at every second. It is said that you can never step in the same river twice. Well, you can never breathe the same air particles twice. You can never see things the same twice. You can never see the same image of yourself in a mirror twice.

We live in a participant observor universe. What exactly does that mean ? To observe means to watch. We are seeing the world from our point of view, with us at the centre. It is not us at the centre of the cosmos in its entirety but us at the centre of the cosmos that we perceive as our reality.  Some people choose to perceive themselves in a small cosmos and some in a larger one.

Yakir Aharonov and his colleagues of Tel-Aviv University in Israel. They were asking whether the future can affect the past. They decided that it can if you take a weak look at the way things are heading in the future without doing something concrete to collapse it into a definite single outcome.

It led me to look at readings in that light.


“the researchers say that the rules of the quantum world conspire to preserve causality by “hiding” the influence of future choices until those choices have actually been made”


Things are not determined until we actually decide and say “That is it!”


We are particpant observers who are making choices and creating our reality every minute of the day



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