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Exploring Wyrdynamics

Exploring the wyrdynamics of your life will identify patterns both conscious and unconscious that have directed you.


Although we live in linear time and are used to looking at progressions in that way, you will find that there have been spiralling patterns where themes, people, opportunities have come back around again. I have studied my life and seen how this happens. I believe that these intersecting points are very powerful as they contain formulas and opportunities for your advancement.


There are signposts along the way which are all around you if you are alert and programme your consciousness to notice them.


We are all interconnected and there is a collective unconscious operating beneath the surface which utilises symbols to facilitate living in a certain society, era and place. I think that the exploration of your personal cosmology plays a very important part too. A dog means something and evokes certain popular associations but due to personal history there are also individual representations. It is useful if these personal associations, which act as triggers for growth or inertia are examined and worked with in order for an individual to tap into and fully utliise the shared meanings.


We have all experienced and studied different things and all of these aspects have an effect.


My background included studing for a Sociology BA (Hons) degree and an MA in Psychoanalysis. Then my exploratory path into the key to my own nature led me through clairvoyance, spiritualism, Reiki, Crystal, Meditation, nature religions and many other subjects. Alongside those things I have worked in finance, care, sales, in a GP practice and a veterinary practice to name a few. I have learned things from all of these experiences and am deconstructing my experiences and putting them into a useful form to help me to understand my life and fulfil the creative potential which I have known was there, within me from a young age


I draw on everything that I have learned when doing readings.

To change your world, start with yourself. See what you have created so far. Identify what your potentials are to move forward and become the best that you can be. All's well that starts well.

As within so without

As above so below

To Thine Own Self Be Truer

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